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Thread: 18 x 18+1.95 85 degrees w/ LED Lights, Q'Straint - Discussion Thread

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    18 x 18+1.95 85 degrees w/ LED Lights, Q'Straint - Discussion Thread

    Just ordered this. I am tall and spend a lot of time at amusement parks. This will be my first manual chair (I'm currently in a scooter). I went with big wheels, MPE's and a Surge handrim to leverage my size and get as much out of each push as I can. I went cheap on the wheels, but might upgrade at some point. I'd appreciate any comments about the impact of different wheels. Fortunately, it's not much cost lost if I buy a second set of wheels (compared to ordering different wheels as original equipment) and I might want to have a set anyway for grassy outings (I'm guessing these standard wheels with fatter tires???). Thank you for taking a look!

    Designs Unlimited ? Ruby Red BackrestDU$100
    Config Change ? Custom Frame Depth +1.95"
    Model ... Aero T (Aluminum Frame)ATFS1$2,775K0005
    Model ... TRA Upgrade (Titanium Frame)TAFS1$620K0108
    Heavy Duty Frame ... Heavy Duty FrameTHDR1$410
    Reinforced / Power Adaptable Frame ... Reinforced FrameTRFR1HD
    Q'Straint Adaptable Frame ... Q'Straint Adaptable FrameTQST1HD
    Frame Finish ... Ruby RedTFF22NCO
    Anodize Color ... BlackTANO1STD
    Rear Seat Width ... 18"TSW1STD
    Seat Depth ... 18"TSD1STD
    Custom Frame Depth ... +1.75"TSD3STD
    Front Seat Height ... 21"TFSH1STD
    Rear Seat Height ... 19"TRSH1STD
    Front Angle ... 85 degreesTFA1STD
    Footrest Type ... Angle AdjustableTFTR3STD
    Seat to Footrest ... 19"
    Footrest Width ... 16" (No Taper)TFE1STD
    Seat Back Type ... Folding, Adjustable Height AluminumTSB1STD
    TiShaft? Back Release Bar ... AluminumTSB3STD
    Seat Back that Locks when Folded ... Seat Back that Locks when FoldedTSB11NCO
    4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar ... 4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer BarTSB12NCO
    Seat Back Height ... 16.5"-20.5" (Tall)
    Set Back Height ... 17"
    Custom Height Backrest Rigidizer Bar ... 13.5"TSB13$160
    Seat Back Angle ... 89 degreesTSBA1STD
    Center of Gravity ... 3.5"TCOG1STD
    Camber Tube ... AluminumTCBR15STD
    Camber ... 2 degreesTCBR1STD
    Camber Plugs ... Adjustable Rear Wheel SpacingTCBR12STD
    Extra Spacers ... Extra SpacersTCBR9NCO
    Rear Wheel Spacing ... 1.5"TRWS1STD
    Front Wheels ... 4" x 1.5" LiteSpeed Billet Aluminum Wheel w/ Soft Roll TireTFW27$185
    Front Wheel Hub Color ... BlackSTD
    Front Forks ... TiLite StandardTFK1STD
    Titanium Fork Stem ... Titanium Fork StemTTFS1$55
    Rear Wheels ... 26" (590) TiLite Shadow?TRW14STD
    Axles ... Stainless Quick ReleaseTAXL1STD
    Rear Tires ... Schwalbe? Marathon Plus Evolution (Pneumatic)TRTR8$130
    Handrims ... SurgeTRIM10$375
    Tab Length ... Long TabsTRIM7STD
    Wheel Locks ... O-F Composite Push to LockTWLK7NCO
    Back Upholstery ... AIR Breathable - Tension Adjustable by StrapsTBUP5HDE2611
    Seat Upholstery ... Tension Adjustable by StrapsTSUP2$160
    Seat Cushion ... Foam Cushion 2"TCSH1$105
    Side Guards ... Standard Aluminum Rigid RemovableTSDG2$185
    LED Lights ... LED Lights w/ Switch Mounted LeftTLED1$335
    LED Lights Battery ... LED Lights BatterySTD
    Seat Pouch ... Black TiLite Seat PouchTPCH3LED

    Not SCI; OA secondary to SI joint injury.
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