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Thread: shower/commode chair

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    shower/commode chair

    so i have used a e&j shower/commode chair forever(30 yrs). mine is worn out and they no longer manufacture them. what is a good replacement for this chair and have other switched to another brand that works a well as the e&j.

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    I used to have an Activeaid which was okay. A few years ago I replaced it with a Raz and it has been great, I highly recommend it.

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    Invacare Mariner part#6895

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    Invacare mariner-going on 13 yrs plus with some part replacements

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    Activeaid is the only decent shower chair made. They are made in Minnesota. Mine has been used daily and drug across the country countless times. My Invacare Mariners only lasted 5 years each and they were junk. I've had my Activeaid nearly ten years and it is in excellent shape yet.

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    what about for quads?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    what about for quads?
    What about "for quads"? We use these same shower/commod chairs (ActiveAid, Nuprodx, and Raz Designs) for all levels of SCI.


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    Do the push rims have quad pegs on them?

    Is any of the costs ever reimbursable by Medicare or private insurance?

    The best shower chair I ever had was a modified E & J pushed chair..

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    Medicare does not pay for bathroom equipment. "They don't go through the bathroom door."


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    Basically they don't care about your shit and shower ;]
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