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Thread: Question about a colostomy

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    Question about a colostomy

    I have decided to get a colostomy to control my bowels. Just a quick question, how long can I expect to be out of work for? My work is desk work so it's not like it would be stressful on my body.

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    It really depends on the level you are I am a t6 incomplete I was able to transfer on my own a little over 2 weeks out from mine but I also was out of work for almost 4 months due to complications and having a strenous job. Being you sit at a desk I would expect at least a month out maybe more or less. It all depends on how well and fast you heal and if it will be an open or laparoscopic procedure or not.
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    I just had one done last Tuesday and I'm going back to work on Monday... T8/9

    Should have been home on Thursday after my surgery but they kept me till lunchtime on Friday, I'm sure to charge my insurance another day. But I was back driving Friday afternoon..
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    Ask your physician, but it is usually no more than 7-10 days, worse case scenario, depending on the type of work you do.
    Good luck!

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    I am a c 6/7 and was back at work one week after surgery.

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