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Thread: Where to find good caregivers?

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    Where to find good caregivers?

    for years i've used craigslist and with some thorough screening have had great results. Now it doesn't seem to be working that well, i'm also using with very modest returns. Is there a better website or way? Please let me know and thank you for any advice.

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    I do word of mouth and advertise in paper but I live in a small community

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    I used to run an ad with the local cable place. I live in a small community too.

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    It would help to know what type of caregivers you are recruiting. Live-in? Part-time? Weekend relief and back-up?

    Have you tried posting notices on job bulletin boards at local colleges and universities? Students often are interested in working evenings or weekends (times that don't interfere with class time) and if you have any that have nursing students, OT or PT students, that may be a plus as well.


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    Thanks all. It's part-time Tuesday and Thursday morning 6:30am-12:30pm. Bowel program at 6:30, dress, into the chair etc. I live about 30 minutes outside of city center. So between days of the week needed and distance it makes it a challenge. does that help?

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    Any community colleges near you with nursing schools? I would start there.


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    I live in a small-ish (pop = 35,000) city that's about an hour outside of a good-sized (pop = 500,000) city. After moving here, I realized that craigslist is a terrible option because the closest craigslist site is the good-sized city. Everyone who responds either thinks that I also live there, or they think that the hour drive is worth it. All of my shifts are 3 hours or less, so it's ridiculous to think that I would get a reliable caregiver living that far away.

    I eventually learned that my city operates by Facebook. There is a job page on Facebook for my city that's a gold mine. I still have to do a lot of screening, but it helps me to find local people. Perhaps you could look into something similar.

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