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    A local television news broadcast did a piece this week about abuse of parking placards in California. The startling fact was that 1 in 9 California drivers have a handicapped placard. I wondered at the time if there was something wrong with the statement. Maybe the reporter meant to say that 1 in 9 drivers had access to a handicapped parking placard. I guess either way there are a lot of drivers using handicapped parking spaces in parking lots, garages, and on street parking in our state.

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    The numbers do not surprise me. Everybody wants to be handicapped when it comes to parking. Physicians approve any request they get. They do not want to alienate their paying customers. I have been involved with the placard problems here for more than 30 years. We tried to get the approval out of physicians hands but they would not let go. It appears to be in the legislatures self interest to go along with the MD lobby.
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    A horrible problem in our state. Pretty much anyone who is elderly gets these applications signed off automatically by their physician or provider. Lots of people use grandma's card when they aren't with grandma. Expired temporary placards are in use long after expiration with no enforcement. Dead peoples' cards are widely in use (and no enforcement of the law that requires these to be returned to the DMV upon death).

    There is a movement by the state legislature to start auditing this process in CA right has been in the newspapers this week.


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    From a search I did online, there are roughly 25,000,000 licensed drivers in California. That is roughly 2,777,777 handicapped placards issued to California drivers. Incredible!

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    I guess I understand not all handicaps are visible - but it really irks me when we try to pull into an available handicapped spot and the vehicle that is in the space already is parked so cockeyed that we wont have enough room to deploy the ramp - this is provided we can find an available spot to begin with !!!!

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    They think it's a right of passage, they get their medicare card and their placard.
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