two months ago, my then 6.5 month old son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. In three days he went from normal baby, to ventilator dependent. On admission, the MRI showed severe cord compression through most of his spinal cord, C3 all the way down. They did not know if he was going to survive. Chemo was started.

At his worse, he was totally paralyzed.. This arms being paralyzed only lasted for 3 days until they very slowly started to come back. His second MRI, 10 days later, had shown decrease in tumor a, but bleeding at c3-5 and way lower in the spine. He was ventilator dependent for 3 weeks. He could not pee in his own for 5 weeks.

fast forward to now. He has two tumours at c3-5 and t2-3 (they say this was the biggest one). Both are not compressing. He also has an enhancement between the spinal cord and next layer from c5 to L1 that they don't know if it's cancer or inflation etc.

physio here has confirmed functioning of now of c1-t1. They believe some of the chest Ts are also functioning as he can hold his chest up when sitting. We cannot confirm lower t. In the last week he has started to show some resistance and movement, with gravity, of legs. Not super strong, but they say L1 down appears to be functioning.

i guess my question, after two months, would it be crazy to hope that someday he could walk based on his improvements? Is there things we could do to encourage it? Before suggestions for rehab, he can't go until he is totally done chemotherapy. We are at Sick Kids right now.

would it be okay to assume that we could see his trunk come back as well? Just maybe taking longer. Or muscles are so weak?

also, he doesn't seem to respond emotionally to pain on legs, but will move them if a pet him, or pinch him, or out something cold, he also moves them on his own. Could he get some sensation back, or certain types but not all?

since he was admitted without being able to pee on his own for 5 weeks, he can pee now, but it's not like before. For example, sometimes he drips, or his stream isn't as strong as it use to be, it can still project though. They checked his bladder, and the passage between bladder and kidneys is fine. Could he get full full normal control back?