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Thread: Hand tremors

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    Hand tremors

    My question is in regards to hand tremors. So, if this is the wrong page, please redirect me. The tremors to date, are not associated with Parkinson's disease. If anyone has any experience with this, any medication suggestions or specialist in Pennsylvania would be Very much appreciated.

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    I've had "essential tremor" or "familial tremor" all my life. Klonupin helps the most. First specialist I saw was at Montpelior (sp?) Hospital in Pittsburg...but that was 45-50 yrs ago.

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    Tremors can be associated from side effects from medications you are taking. What are your meds?

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    Dilacor XR Lasix Januvia Zestril Lopressor Singular Oxybutynin Inderal LA Coumadin Potassium

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    Off the top of my head those medications don't cause tremors
    Have you had lab work recently?
    might be a good idea to check in with a neurologist if they are significant tremors


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    When did the tremors start? Did you have a change in any medication around the time they started?

    A general neurologist or a neurologist specializing in movement disorders is the best doc to advise. But talk with your primary first.

    Tremors are common and most are not associated with a serious problem. Fatigue, stress, dehydration, caffeine, medication side effects will often make tremors worse. Alcohol often makes them better. Interestingly, your medicine indural is a treatment for one type of benign tremors. But a neurologist is the best person to advise on how to treat them, if at all.

    My Dad's tremors are usually worse late in the day, when he is more tired. When he tries to do fine motor tasks, like sign a check, those things make it worse.

    what major city are you near?

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    Unfortunately, the tremors are not new. Just increased throughout the last few years and even more so within the last three months. The largest area we are near is Pittsburgh, PA. There are a few body movement specialist/neurologist that I found listed on the essential tremors website.

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    UPMC has the best reputation in your area.

    I looked at that Essential Tremor website. How about Valerie Suski? She is at UPMC, is a movement disorder specialist (interest in tremors is listed) and her patients seem to like her.

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    I would also suggest being seen by a neurologist at the University of Pittsburg. They have a SCI program too, but tremor is not associated with SCI, so you must be dealing with a separate issue. It may be a benign tremor but you should be worked up for other possible causes of tremor as well.


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    I ran around to various doctors with this problem. Final diagnosis was familial tremor [I have tremors because my dad had them]. The course of treatment suggested was to ignore them until they become bothersome enough to make taking meds with significant side effects worthwhile.

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