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Thread: How to manage bowel program when travelling outside country??

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    How to manage bowel program when travelling outside country??

    Hi all. ☺☺☺☺. Love to all. It's been long time.
    I must say SCI life is challenge if you want to be independent.

    Now I am planning to travel.outside India. But I don't know how I will manage my bowel plans. It's costly to take my caretaker with me everytime. Also bathrooms toilets may not be accessible in every hotel. Getting shower commode chair is also troublesome.

    How do you all travel and manage bowels??? I did search carecure forum but read no solution.

    Love to you all again xxooxxooo

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    Do you use a caretaker now for your bowel program?
    If you have one in the US I am not sure how you are going to manage without the caregiver in India.

    The first thing would be to practice your bowel program in bed without a caregiver in the US first. Then problem solve the potential pitfalls that would occur and options to try.


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    There are folding commode chairs that have their own case for travel. Generally, airlines don't charge for medical supplies (in a separate bag, not co-mingled with your other belongings) and equipment.

    All the best,

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    @pbr I'm pretty sure OP lives in India and wants to travel to countries other than India.
    Nonetheless, I think the idea of practicing without a caregiver at home is a good idea.

    Shwetarose I am in a similar situation, but I live in the US and need to travel to Mexico and China.

    For travel within the US it is easy to find equipment rental companies in your destination cities provided those cities are large enough. From these companies one can arrange rental of commodes and shower chairs or combination toilet/shower chairs.

    For my prep and I practicing working with minimal assistive equipment at home and then I will book a room at a local hotel to test myself. After that I will inquire about rental companies in my destinations to see what equipment I can arrange to have available there.

    Good luck to us both!

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    @SCI Nurse good suggestion to try at home on bed. That's tough still shud try.
    @gjnl yes commode chairs. But again hv to carry. Two chairs at a time is a fuss with all the luggage ((
    @mize yea rental is good. But now all destinations should hv such. I m travelling dubai and planning Singapore too. Do you think I will get commode chairs on rental in Asia?

    I wonder how others must be travelling. Travelling in india is no issue since I hv caretaker with me. Now outside india seems tough and costly if I take caretaker.

    Others pls share your views and ideas. It will really help to come with some solution.

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    @Pbr I hv accessible toilet at home. So theres no fuss and no need of caretaker too in my routine except in exercise.

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    Thanks for the clarification and good luck

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    When I went to Vegas I had to buy separate plane tickets, hotel room etc. for my caregiver! It was infuriating but there was no way around it if it's not physically possible to do yourself.

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    Try this portable chair that is available in India, easy to carry-

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