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Thread: looking to donate my tilt/recline power wheelchair (Southern California)

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    looking to donate my tilt/recline power wheelchair (Southern California)

    I have a 2010 Invacare CG tilt/recline power wheelchair that I almost never used. This chair was ordered for me but just didn't fit my needs. It's probably been driven a maximum of 20 feet in its life. It's been sitting in my garage for the last six years collecting dust and I really want to donate it to someone or an organization.

    I did strip a few parts from it to use on my current chair.
    These include
    an arm pad
    the joystick knob
    back and seat cushion
    it will need batteries and a charger as well.

    I'm located in the inland Empire. If you're interested let me know.

    pictures below
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    C4/C5 complete 8/20/91

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    you should see if there are any power soccer teams near the area who could possibly use it !!

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