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Thread: Does Anyone Drive A Honda Element?

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    Does Anyone Drive A Honda Element?

    I was thinking about buying one as our second car. I looked at a few before (I think they were first generation Elements) I liked a lot about them (mostly the suicide doors to make putting the chair in the back easy) but It seemed like a High! transfer and also like the seat was far from frame of the car. Can anyone tell me how hard of a transfer it is? I was thinking of getting one and putting some coil over shocks (lowers vehicle) and some low profile tires (also lowers vehicle) to make it easier for me to transfer into. Also, Are there any notable problems that you have had with it. I have heard they are pretty dependable vehicles. I am hoping to find one with low miles, as they no longer produce them. Or one with a recent engine/transmission replacement if it has high miles. Anyway.... I would appreciate any input from owners/past owners. Thanks in advance.
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    I have never owned one, but did look at them before I bought my current vehicle. I was driving a SUV so the height was less than that, so it did not bother me. I had come down to the Element vs a pickup with extended cab (suicide doors). I went with the pickup.

    Generally though, people like them and they are considered to be very reliable, like 200k miles reliable. They are also thought to be a little underpowered. Lots of people mod them. I am sure you know that they have not been made since 2011.
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    I had a CRV before transitioning to a van when my needs changed. The CRV sits a little heigher than the element but I was able to transfer in and out fairly easily. It was surprisingly easier to do than a low car like the G6. Getting out was definitely easier than in. My CRV had over 200,000 miles and still ran great with amazing gas mileage. The only issues it had were with normal wear and tear items that needed replaced due to the high mileage. If I could afford another Honda product I would get it without a second thought. You cannot beat the reliability.

    Transfers specifically: I did this two different ways: I started by transferring my body to the seat then putting my legs in but that was hard on the arms and didn't feel stable. I switched to legs in first then grabbing the bar and steering wheel (not recommended) and transferred in. I would consider adding some type of a grab bar to aid in the transfer if you have access to a fabricator.

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