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Thread: Help: finding part, carpenters, engineering, do it yourself types etc.. crib baby

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    Help: finding part, carpenters, engineering, do it yourself types etc.. crib baby


    Looking to modify a crib for a baby, ran into this Youtube video and looking to copy the idea of using the sliding door hinge thingy.

    Been googling for ages and cannot find this type of hinge thing.
    Anyone have any clue what the technical name of this is. or better suggestions etc. similar but different to a heavy duty tool box drawer extenders.

    Fast forward to the 5:12 mark to see the crib and it's sliding action


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    I think those are called 'sliders'. Normally used for drawers. Lots of options. Look around, you may have examples in your house.
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    Yes, google "36 inch drawer slides"
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