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Thread: FES bike for complete quad 3 years post. Would it work?

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    LMN (lower motor neuron) muscles don't have spasms or spasticity. UMN (upper motor neuron) muscles have spasms and have spasticity.


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    I'm c3 complete,injured 3/3/13 and got my FES bike in January 16.I did a test ride in 2014 and had no problem with the stimulation, couldn't afford the bike at the time and had to wait until the start of this year to get it. When I did it was obvious I'd lost a lot of muscle strength, could not get anywhere near my 2014 trial times/speed. We adapted the settings and I began training again, I was a dedicated cyclist, worked for a mountain bike company and most of my life was riding bikes. It felt good to have a training programme again, my PA's soon adapted to the new schedule of me riding every morning and are now quite quick at setting me up and getting me off. Initial rides started at 20 minutes and with motor assist, gradually I used less and less assist and rides got longer. I've built up to 1 hour rides and am now working at increasing my RPM, started at 35 now up to 43 but each 1 RPM jump takes time to achieve as you use max stimulation earlier.

    I track every ride using RT's online software, can see how I've progressed or regressed, I've gone backwards a couple of times, the latest one thanks to a lung problem which dropped my Sats. I find this really annoying just like I did pre injury. I'm OCD tracking everything and just want to see constant progress.

    Physically my thighs are larger and firmer, my carers commented on this after a month, my gluts might be getting firmer but it's hard to tell, I'm hoping to put muscle on to reduce pressure sores. Mentally it has helped a lot, it provides reasons to get up, gives me goals and I feel like part of my old life is back. I can chat to my bike riding buddies about pedalling again

    To get the most from it you do need to be dedicated, I've missed a few sessions because of hospital appointments and work, unavoidable but frustrating as well. Records show I've used it 68 sessions since getting it end of January.

    Get a test ride on one and see how you do....

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    No one will be able to provide an exact answer for you, but perhaps my experience will be another data point for you. I am a C4/5 quad, and I was injured in December 2002. I was able to try the ERGYS once about 2-3 months post injury, and then I started to get in a regular routine with the ERGYS (and later the RTI cycle) about 1.5 years post injury. I have a fair amount of spasticity in my legs, and I had absolutely no problem with my legs responding to FES. I definitely lose some strength when I don't ride the bike for a while, but I never have any issues with my legs failing to respond.

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