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Thread: Quad hand, might this help?

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    Quad hand, might this help?

    I gave up on my left hand years ago, it was so tight and curled up I thought it was a lost cost. I found a series of videos by a quad on youtube about hand therapy. I only watched one of them and have been stretching my left fingers for several weeks and have seen improvements, my fingers have loosened up and I can even move them a little. So of course I will keep stretching them. I was thinking there might be something to help me along, on amazon I found several interesting things by searching finger stretcher but not sure what would be best. Thoughts on this?

    Thank you

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    That's awesome I've been looking for something like that, I mostly just use my face to stretch them. A lot of quadriplegics let their hands and fingers tighten up so they can grab things easier; in fact people in my rehab advised me to do that. But in as little as a year you can have serious contractors in your fingers and thumbsmeans no matter what modern medicine does your hands won't be functioning properly
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    I'm not sure if I will order that or what but I can tell you just stretching my fingers for a few weeks has very visible results. I only stretch my left fingers since my right hand works pretty good. I also do a couple of wrist exercises. Everyday sounds like a lot but it does not take very long, maybe less than ten minutes. Here's a channel on youtube about quad hand therapy: And I only watched one video! Never give up

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    Saebo makes some devices that could be useful for you. It all depends on how tight your fingers are and how much help you have to get them on.

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    I would encourage you to see an OT or hand therapist to determine if this device would be right for the particular type of contractures you have in your hands. There rarely is a simple solution, and you can cause damage by doing ROM wrong, esp. to your ability to have a tenodesis grip, or if you get return in your hand.


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