So here"s my situation. After my accident 32 yrs ago,which rendered me a C6 quadriplegic, I was on SSD for few years till I got a job. I worked full time till few yrs ago when I had surgery for a pressure sore. I started collecting ssd then and continued after I went back to work part time. I was earning under the amount allowed and continued to receive ssd checks every month. The most you could make in 2015 was $1,090. It is up to $1,130 for 2016. I submitted all my pay stubs 2 months ago. Yesterday I get a letter saying I made too much for quite a few months and not eligible to receive for that month. Some months I made $2.00 too much and others up to $40. I did submit all the co pays for Dr. appts and prescriptions.. They sent them back and say they need statement from Dr. that they were needed to be able to work. Some months I had no co pays. So what will they do? Will they take the check for that month?
Also,I get paid every other week, 2x a month. I've been confused how they determine how much you make a month and can't get clear answers from them. I work about 18 days a month. I've been told that they go by when you work and how much you made during the days in that month. Others told me they look at the amount they deposit in your account regardless of when it was earned. So if I got pd Apr. 8th, a week of that I earned the previous month.
They also take into account $ spent for caregivers. Most of mine was paid by ins...but I did pay cash some months for a little extra help.. will they consider a signed receipt by a caregiver?
Sorry to ramble on here, but a lot of these questions I can't get answered till Monday. I thought I'd put this post up in case anyone had any similar experience or could awnser any questions I had.
Thanks much