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Thread: First wound in 42 years

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    First wound in 42 years

    Well, it's finally happened; got my first wound on the inner cheek of my right buttock. We think it was from a new mattress we bought. It wasn't as firm as our old one so when I went to transfer on the bed, my hand would go into the mattress rather than lifting my butt out of the chair; dragging my ass over the wheel. We exchanged it for a more firm custom mattress.

    Went to the wound clinic last year and seemed to have healed up except for a small pinhole. A year later it got worse.

    Finally the wound doc said it was time to close it and had a plastic surgeon come into one of my appointments. He said it's not near any bone and has plenty of skin to clean and suture it closed rather than having a flap done. Then will spend SIX weeks either in the hosp. or assisted living in a Clinitron type bed 24/7. Then start getting back in the chair for a while. I asked him if I could go to inpatient rehab for a week or two after to learn new skillsets and how to transfer with a board. It's been almost 43 years since rehab for me. So one in that time is something I can't complain about but it's still frustrating as hell.

    I just hope I can still use the stander and my handcycle when I get out; they keep me sane. Will have to get a padded shower bench I guess and a seating eval before I leave. I'm kind of at a loss on dme equipment needed to keep me independent as possible.

    It's so surreal thinking about how I'll be bed bound for six weeks. Wish me luck and any pointers on spending the time or other suggestions will be appreciated. Will bring the uke along and learn some new songs ll.

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    Try and get an iPad Air 2 with a minimum of 64Gb, although 128Gb might be better, (and with cellular if possible, as the wifi in some of these rehab places is dicey). Just load up on movies and series, also Kindle app, a cable app perhaps, Netflix, and use iTunes. Just Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Americans will take a while.

    Some people - not I - could probably be productive in that situation, for which a laptop is better. But to waste time, an iPad is good.

    It's important to get a good living situation at the hospital or assisted living facility, but I don't have any idea how to do that.
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    From having some medical crashes myself I can only stress that being a strong advocate for yourself is so important. That is, question medical personnel, get equipment you need ASAP, and sharp focus on things to help you heal. I also helps to have a close friend, spouse, etc. to discuss issues, in addition to CC....someone who can even attend appointments/medical staff meetings, etc. with you.

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    Sorry to hear this. My daughter is just finishing up her bed rest and ready to the seating program to get back in her chair this Tuesday.
    Few tips if I may....
    -The Clinitron beds are loud. We used big over the ear headphones to get a break from the sound of the bed while watching a movie or just surfing. There are some that have a noise canceling feature but we didn't have those headphones. I would think ear plugs would be nice too.
    -A laptop, iPad etc are all great and all of the series mentioned above are pretty great but I haven't watched The Americans. (After Breaking Bad watch Better Call Saul.)
    -Invite people in to break up the movie marathons. Have dinners, play board games, video games or just have a few drinks and talk. We played a four-person Scrabble game that was a laugh. I actually tried to play Juven ha! (You might be using it?) When my daughter's best friend came over they would hang out for about four hours talking about everything. Some of this friends stories must have been pretty funny because there were a lot of giggles and hushed voices coming out of there!

    You could always troll the politics board here on Care Cure for your own entertainment

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    Good luck with it Patrick.

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    I'm sorry to hear this and I hope you heal quickly and well.

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    Thank you all. Great pointers. We have been looking at Ipads and the idea of headphones to cancel out the noise is a great idea.

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    Hope all goes well. If you get bored, check out Distributed Proofreaders

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    Well even warriors must experience downtime.... What an incredible thing. 42 years? Well done Patrick. Hope you heal quick so you can cycle soon.
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    Sorry to hear Pat, the only advice I can think of knowing how driven you are is take your time healing, error on the side of caution when getting back into things. You want this to be a one time deal and not turn it into a recurrent wound.

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