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Thread: First wound in 42 years

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    Dang Patrick, sorry to hear this. As another old timer, coming up on 44 years, it frightens me to think of getting my first pressure. I have a friend that has been in bed with a sore for over a year. I honestly don't think I could survive that. Good luck brother, heal quickly.
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    Here's hoping all goes well and fast...Don't have any ideas other than what has already been said.

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    I'm sorry to read this Patrick, six weeks in bed is not your style. You probably already know this method, but what I do is to put something flat down like a transfer board (or anything else) on too soft surfaces to spread out the weight better.
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    Not sure on the bike ... stander shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm so sorry to read this! It will be a weak spot that has to be watched forever. Protein, water, protein, water and then some more protein.

    I got into Mad Men a few years ago when I had to be hospitalized. That got me into Breaking Bad (a must see!). I think you would enjoy The Wire too. Did a lot of time on here - don't stop interacting with us because there's nothing worse than feeling like the only person in the world going through bed rest for a wound you can't feel or control.

    Do you have Facebook? A lot have migrated to that.
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    "A Band of Brothers" and "The Sopranos" can kill time as well.

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    Good luck healing pat! Six weeks in bed does suck but like lynnifer I think the stander wouldn't hurt unless that is where the pads hit. The but the bike I would think is out of the question till healed
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    dam Pat, i hate hearing this. 29 yrs hear no sores, im paranoid about it, 42 seems like a long way to go. chin up, be strong my friend. rep
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    Sorry you'll be in bed a while. If you like a good read, but don't want to deal with holding or propping up a book, have a friend or family member go to a library that has audio books and check out Cutting for Stone and or Erik Larson's Dead Wake: The crossing of the Lusitania. Both are read very well and extraordinarily compelling.

    All the best,

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    Did you ever find out the cause of the wound in the first place?

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    I agree with gjnl and recommend Larson's Dead Wake, it's fascinating and well written. And I also agree that audible books are good for hospitals. By the way, the Kindle app on the iPad also supports audio books.

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