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Thread: osteomylitis abcess

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    osteomylitis abcess

    Does anyone know what an abscess looks like? Does it look like or does it form as a blister on the surface of the skin?

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    An abscess is usually red (or very pink), warm, painful (if you have sensation), and looks almost like a large pimple. It can be different colors depending on the bacteria.
    Hope that this helps.

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    Nurses, or CKF

    These are pictures of the abscess/blister or whatever it is.
    It popped and fluid came from it. I dont know what this is. As you can see, that whole area was a huge wound and healed quite quickly. This blister/abscess or whatever appeared in two days. I am trying to determine what it is and why it happened.
    This particular wound was staged a 3 and it was indicated that I had osteomylitis from the totality of my wounds, the left buttock being stage 4 and the other five wounds varying in stages.
    I was on Vanco and another IV antibiotic for 8 weeks and have since been on oral Augmentin and Levaquin for 10 weeks. I want to rule out that this is the fluid from any possible osteo trying to find its way to the surface.
    But, I understand that if it was osteo related, if there is still some in my pelvis, that it would not look this color. This looks more like a blister and the fluid looked like the regular serosanguineous.
    The nurse just said that it may be from tunneling coming from the left but cheek that is almost healed.
    I guess the thing that I would like an opinion on is, if this was from osteomylitis, the drainage would have been different from the sero and it would have had a bad odor. True? So I dont have to worry about osteomylitis.
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