I'm a t3 12 years post injury. My doctors are really trying to steer me into a colostomy.

I have read several threads here and am definitely considering it after getting information from them. I do have a few questions that I didn't find answers to in the past posts. Was hoping I could get some answers from others that have one.

I am very active, and am concerned about transferring, and bending over in the chair. I live alone so my daily activities include cleaning, laundry, and of course playing guitar. Does constant movement in a manual chair create problems?

My second concern is the fact that I have allot of hair on my stomach. Will this cause issues with sealing a bag and will shaving around the site create problems with skin irritation.

At night does the bag allow you to roll in bed? I turn my self during the night when I do my IC

Finaly are there any activities that simply can't be done with a colostomy such as swimming?