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Thread: RTR8 Schwalbe? Marathon Plus Evolution 24?(540),

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    RTR8 Schwalbe? Marathon Plus Evolution 24?(540),

    Does anyone know the correct tube size for this tire? Will 24 x 1 3/8 work?

    Is there any advantage using one of these seat upholsteries over another? Tension adjustable bolt on VS Tension adjustable by straps.
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    24x 1 3/8th tubes is the correct size or a 540x37 I think it is. Tubes stretch a bit so no problem. You can buy tubes at any bike shop

    Adjustable straps puts no strain on a bolt like a bolt on does. I can get the tension much tighter with a strap upholstery. Bolts have a tendency to loosen up or strip out if too much tension is added. I will never consider using bolt on upholstery again.

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    I just switched to bolt-on, after having the strap adjustable on the last two. Patrick, did your bolt-on allow for adjustment? On my new chair, you can adjust the tension, it is by velcro, but it is one solid piece instead of straps.
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    What was your reason for switching from adjustable strap to bolt on Brian?

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    There were a couple reasons. I like the cleaner look of a chair with the frame exposed vs. the straps. I also like that the bolt on version has the under seat phone holder, even though I still do not yet own a smart phone.

    The straps need to be tightened frequently the first few months of use, at least that was the case for me both times. I asked fellow member - Scott -, who uses bolt on, and he stated he had always used it with no issues, so I made the switch. I was pleased to see the bolt on can be adjusted.
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