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Thread: Prince and pain.

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    Prince and pain.

    Not an exactly uplifting thought.

    Amoungst all the articles about the death of Prince are items pointing to the fact he was in constant chronic pain.

    Just a few that are out there.

    So if man with all that cash can't manage his pain without being found dead in his elevator, what real chance do the rest of us really stand?

    And the fact that he was on Opioids and fentanyl for pain is pretty depressing, that is what the best pain doctors can figure out ? Maybe I am a dreamer, but I would hope there are better options out there for $$$$$$.

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    Prince was a celebrity and had lots of money, as you pointed out. If he was on fentanyl, the overhwelmingly likely reason was because he was addicted to it, not because he was in chronic pain. Opiods to a tremendous amount to relieve acute pain, but in the long term their harms clearly outweigh their benefits (see the CDC's latest reccomendations).Chronic pain is no joke (and we have pitifully poor treatments for it right now), but someone who overdoses was likely seeking something other than relief from physical (or neurologic) pain.

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    If this is to be believed, he was buying opioids in bulk for years from a dealer.

    Whatever he got from Walgeens Pharmacy last week had to have been written by a physician who hopefully, by now, has retained counsel.

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