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    Wearing shoes

    So once I got into rehab, after six months in acute careI went right into physiotherapy five days a week which meant an hour on standing frame or lokomat. I wore a pair of basic compression socks and shoes every day for almost 3 years; never had one bedsore or problem. For the past six months I've had to buy $500 foam boots. My legs have to be strapped down now ( as my spasms have gotten stronger despite my legs withering away getting weaker ), and sheepskin boots werenot good enough to protect my feet and legs from the rubbing! It all started with a a open sore on the top of my foot, then one on the bottom, then both of my Achilles tendons from my expensive foot drop boots. With very good nutrition ans a long time wearing only these ridiculous foam bootsthey've all pretty much healed except for the one on top, despite there being no continuous pressure there! I haven't gone out much, but a little while ago I did and I decided I'm going to wear a pair of normal fing shoes for the first time in probably two months it was maximum six hours, parts of my feet ripped open; and they're still there ( these aren't tight hard shoes they're loose and very soft comfortable high tops . I maybe spend half an hour on the standing frame twice a week even that causes scratches! Is this really it, has it been so long since my injury that now my legs are basically rotted corpses, been denervated for so long that they will now Easley breakdown and barely heal!? Can I really never wear a normal pair of shoes in peace again, because that's a freaking joke!

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    Witheverything that's going on we know that's spinal regeneration is possible, with the spinal stimulator's we know the return of function is very possible. But I'm scared even with these two things are combined and were able to walk and move again, our skin will always be so fragile from being denervated and basically dead for so long that every step we take will cause little cuts or tears!

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    Hey James, you remember me? From Apparelyzed? Its good to see you still around and kicking (metaphorically, of course)

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    I haven't worn a proper pair of shoes since April 2003 - no joke! I even had to give up my uniform shoes for work.

    I wore fake sheepskin lined slippers and that's all I can wear now ... and they have to be huge. Size 10 and wide.

    Are the compression hose not doing their job? I wear coban on my feet and legs (knee down) every day ... really helps with swelling. There IS NO swelling with these coban wraps. Dry skin though that's very dry.
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    Ugh for $$$$sakes, that is a long time sorry to hear that; this starts to become a little bit of a joke! I think The compression stockings do their job, I might go up one level tighter, maybe that will help with circulation so the skin won't be so fragile just drives me nuts no matter how committed you stay with your health, with quadriplegia you just don't get any comparable benefits; it drives me nuts like what do you do with commitment and determination for health, athletics, aesthetics etc. Hope you can enjoy computers instead, maybe get lifted into an assisted hand cycle. Wtf. Seriously though preventing the body rot is a 24 hour job,I took 4 months off physiotherapy and my skin just became unbelievably week, denervated skin at its finest !

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    Quote Originally Posted by A trophy guy View Post
    Hey James, you remember me? From Apparelyzed? Its good to see you still around and kicking (metaphorically, of course)
    I do remember, a fellow health enthusiast lol. Yep, still around criminal code is changing almost as fast as science, maybe pull something together ; doubtful tho

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