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Thread: Tiolet use advice..

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    Tiolet use advice..

    Hello I was wondering how do you manage getting a patient on the tiolet and taking pants off and putting back on any advice or tips thank you !

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    What kind of patient? Para, quad, male, female? Are you talking about public restrooms? You probably need to supply a bit more detail to get good advice.

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    Male helping with getting on toilet and off and getting pants on at home .. Would a hoyer lift work?

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    Difficult to get pants up and down in a mechanical lift even with a hygiene sling...and impossible with a regular lift sling. You might be able to use a SureHands lifting frame, but only if he is not real obese.

    Does he need to get on the toilet several times daily? Does he do a bowel program so he gets bowel movements over with at a set time and not have to get onto the toilet again that day? This can be done with many disabilities (not just SCI). If so, take to the toilet without pants on and then back to bed to get pants on and rest of dressing.

    Can he stand at all? A stand-up lift might work if he can do this...there are a variety of these on the market.


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    Would a sturdy commode chair on wheels help? The kind that rolls from bed and goes over the raised toilet seat.......then roll to bed for dressing.

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    No can't stand at all not strong enuff to help either.. Wheelchair bound .. I always have someone lift me then the other person grabs the pants up but it's getting hard to do that way.

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    How often are you having to get on the toilet? More than once a day? If so, have you considered doing a regular bowel program so you can evacuate your bowels well at a set time in the AM or PM and not have to get onto the toilet at other times? I assume as a male that you don't need to get onto the toilet to urinate.


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    No not to urinate but once a day but it's just difficult to lift me anymore.. What are other ways people do it .. Trying to find a easier way for my family..

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    I would at least give this a try:
    1. Wake up in the morning.
    2. Drink a hot beverage (in bed).
    3. Remove any pajama bottoms or shorts you wear to bed (if you do so).
    4. Insert a bisacodyl suppository into your rectum. Wait 10 minutes or so. This should bring stool from your lower colon down into your rectum to prepare for evacuation.
    5. Using a mobile lift (like a Hoyer) with a "hygiene" sling, transfer from the bed to the toilet (without any pants on).
    6. Evacuate your bowels.
    7. Transfer back to bed with the lift.
    8. Get dressed.
    9. Transfer to your wheelchair using the same lift for the rest of your day.


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    Best bet would be transfer back to bed get clothes on then back on wheelchair with hoyer lift

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