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Thread: Suicide rear door on camry makes life much easier.

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    Yes, they welded the hinge (its actually 2 solid steel hinges. Don't know if that can be seen in the pics. They did weld it to the frame of the car and to the crash bar of the door. It is very. very sturdy and the actuator makes sure it latches prefectly as well. There is always a chance that there will be problems down the road but its like that with any car.... ie push button sliding van door, ect, ect. I did have a couple problems with the actuator opening the door within the first few weeks, but he fixed it, and seeing as it's a "one off" job and probably the only Camry in the U>S. with an auto suicide door, I didnt have any problems with the early on issues. He also warrantied all the work and parts for a year. Nothing lasts forever, and if it gets messed up, Ill get it fixed... I have had it for 1.5 years now and use it daily many times a day, So far so good. I live in Gainesville Fl, which is about 45 mins from the GA. Border. It was hard to find a shop to do it, I did find another custom shop in Gainesville that would do it but they wanted more money than I wanted to spend. I think I got a good deal. You are much more likely to find a shop in So. Fla. Like Miami, Ft, lauderdale ect. The guy who did the work is Named Rob Martello and here is a link to his facebook page. He is a nice guy, but he is also very busy.... he may or may not answer any tech questions you have. The name of his shop is Addicted Performance and Sound.
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    Also sorry for no videos or more pictures yet, But having an SCI, I am surprised that I get anything done. lol. They will come soon though.
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    WAVEWOLF1; I sent you a PM with some questions about your Honda Element just now. Hopefully you read this message or the PM and answer some/all of the questions. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance?
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    barondidit, not sure if this has been asked yet but why do you prefer a folding chair over a rigid one? Just out of curiosity...By the way, I really like the door conversion. I was going to suicide the doors on my toyota pickup that I built an air ride suspension for back before my injury. But had to sell it because it was a manual. Now I have a '11 4 dr GTI that is really frustrating to pull my TR3 into because the door opening is so small and the doors are so short. I miss the extra room I had in my old '09 2 dr GTI.

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    Brad, I drive a 4 dr VW Golf and use a folding chair, works out much better than a rigid, simply pop the wheels off and put them in the back seat and fold the frame, pull it past me onto the passenger seat, with a rigid frame this is much harder to do.
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    Brad 09 ... I have never tried a rigid chair, except for a loaner while in rehab. I have heard you get "better distance for your push" and may be a bit more solid. However I have liked having a folding chair for 11 years now. I will be getting another one next time. They seem to be making them more and more solid every year. Also, I am not in it all day though. I probably transfer between 75 to 100 times a day. Which, has probably helped me in never getting a pressure sore so far. I do small side jobs from home via my computer. I can not sit in my chair for more than 4-5 hours without paying for it dearly with back pain, even when fully medicated on meds. Anyway, I hope that answers all your questions, if not more. lol. Also, If you can afford it I am sure you can get the same conversion done to your Vdub.
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    Also... I am almost tired of saying this, but I am sorry that I have not posted a video and more pictures yet. Life is hectic, what can I say? They will most likely come this weekend.
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    I love that you shared this. I am looking at this option as I'm writing this. My wife and I need a new vehicle as hers lease on her Audi A4 is up and my conversion Astro Vans are worn out.
    I'm fortunate in that I can stand and pivot in place all day. I can hop from the back of the car to the drivers seat hanging on to the car, but it's not practical. I get away with it a few times in a day when we're in the wife's car, but after that, she needs to start loading my folding chair in the trunk. In my Astro, I load the chair (a rigid or a folding) inside the sliding door where I have removed a captains chair, then load myself through the passenger door and crawl to the driver's seat. Well...I'm getting tired of both modes of operation.
    So, we've begun car shopping. To accommodate me, it seems we were relegated to minivan status to get a sliding door on the drivers side. I found not all of the vans allow you to readily load the wheelchair without removing the 2nd row seat, which I'm hoping to avoid.
    After some time into our search, it occurred to me I could possibly use a vehicle if the rear door opened backward (suicide). My wife immediately perked up and bee-lined to the new Audi Q3. Although not ideal for me, it's certainly acceptable, and it makes my wife very happy. So, I researched hinges. I found some really nice strong single hinges with detents, and the option for hydraulic shocks or power cylinders hidden behind the sheetmetal. The latches, locks, and safeties are numerous, and the stock pieces are an option.
    Now I'm up to the point of trying to find out how much it will cost, and find a shop that will do a quality job. I can't buy the vehicle until I know I can fit it into the budget. I can see it costing between $3500 to $7000. It's a brand new Audi, and I'll need to decide if I want the car symmetrical, with both rear doors the same, or just functional with one door. And do I want the factory door handle functional, which will need it moved forward and require more work, or nonfunctional and left in place and open the door with a popper and button, or shaved, or ???. I'm still chasing quotes from shops I can find. There's just not many around me that seem qualified.
    Thank you for sharing your car. I've read different forums, and anytime the subject comes up about suicide rear doors on an Audi or any other non-custom car, it met with nothing but ridicule. I don't post because I'll just hear the same crap instead of honest answers. As you know, it's not done for a "cool" status, but for function.

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    Be aware of what will happen to the warranty on a car if you do this mod. As for finding a shop to make the mod, I suggest checking out any local car shows and ask where people get their work done.

    Please Keep us informed.
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