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Thread: Suicide rear door on camry makes life much easier.

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    Suicide rear door on camry makes life much easier.

    I am a t10 para complete with a folding chair. I never liked the idea of dragging my chair over me to put in the front seat. I drove Rx8's since I was injured, because of the rear suicide doors, although they are pretty, the engines in them suck and are very high maintenance. I found a 2011 camry for cheap (IMO) with only 35k on it. I had a custom shop install this suicide door conversion, it has an actuator connected to the door, so I press a button under the dash and the door opens/closes. The whole setup cost me 1600. I could have gotten it done for 1200 without the actuator. I have had it for about a year and a half now and it works like a charm. Just an Idea for people who would like to make their lives easier (IMO) p.s. Hope the pictures come out well. p.s.s I know this may need to be put in another forum but I chose LIFE, because I would like as many people to see i as possible.
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    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Awesome!! I had a Mazda RX8 with suicide doors for 12 years. I miss my baby.

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    12 years!!! How many engines did you go through. I love rotaries, I had a first gen as my first car it had over a 100k on the odometer and I treated her like crap. She took the abuse and ran like a champ for 30k more till I sold her. Later I had an FD twin turbo, with 80k on a broken odo, that I loved and raced and beat on like no other car I ever owned. She took the abuse for the 2 years I owned her and I never had one problem till I sold her. Then... after i was injured and the RX8 came out. I bought one new off the showroom floor. I babied her. I premixed the gas, I added oil every 1k miles. I red lined it once a day. Never shut her off cold. I joined an RX8 forum and did everything I was supposed too, 1st engine went at 30k... covered under warranty (luckily) second went 20k after that. I said screw this, sold her and bought a minivan. I dreaded driving that van. I told myself that somehow I bought a brand new lemon 8. So I sold the van and bought a used 8 with 80k on her. Again babied her and no mods. Engine went 10k later. I have heard hundreds of stories of the same thing happening. Which is why Mazda raised the warranty 3 times till its current 10 year/100k. Notice, they stopped making them. The amount of money mazda spends putting new engines in them made them a liability for the company. The apex seals just suck, as does the gas millage, as does it being a beautiful looking sports car that can get beat off the line by a stock civic, or a modded civic on the track. Yes, somehow, I still miss my 8's but damn those engines suck! My friend just bought an 04 with an LS1 conversion already done. he payed 10k. Now THAT is a beast of a car, and with the ls1, will probably last a long time. Maybe one day Ill buy one of those.
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    This is very helpful. Do you think the conversion to suicide door is possible in many full sized sedans?

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    Yes, I believe it could be done on most likely any four door sedan. Some cars even have kits especially made for them. I think the chrysler 300 is one of them. It all depends on finding a custom shop that you trust can do it for you. The camry (said the guy who did the conversion) was one of the harder cars to do, due to the shape of the rear door. In a perfect world, I would have liked the door to open a full 90 degrees. I think it would be possible with a different hinge setup. For those with a folding back chair, I imagine a 90 degree opening would be needed or you would have to take the wheels off. I will show some close ups of the hinge setup, and a short video ASAP. This works very well for me though, having a folding chair. I transfer into the front seat. Compress the chair. Then press the button and the door opens with my chair compressed in between the open doors and legs hanging out of the car. Then I pull the chair up onto the seat. Then I reach around the front seat and b pillar to pull the chair all the way into the back seat. I hope that makes sense. I guess it will make more sense, once I post a video. I am gone in 60 seconds though. I don't mess up my car nor possibly injure myself by passing the chair over myself and taking up all of the front seat. Just thought I would share something that really has made my life easier, as this site has done a lot for me. have a nice day and i will post a video/more pictures soon.
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    I think most mobility dealers have absolutely no interest in doing this conversion, vans are much more profitable. I think many folks currently needing vans could use this rear door mod, a full sized sedan with power seats and would be in good shape.

    Thanks again for the thread, would love to see more pics or video.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this. Really, really great, and this option is really useful.

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    Back in the day, my wife and I, both chair users, used to have a 73 Ford Fairlane, a 2 door with real long doors. We removed the rear seat and had no problem loading our 2 folding E&J chairs in the back. We later did the same with an Oldsmobile Toronado. With this 4 door conversion on a full sized sedan you might actually be able to load a narrow, rigid chair with wheels removed. I would guess you would first have to identify body shop willing to do the door and get them to agree the make and model you wanted to convert was doable.

    Thanks again for showing your conversion.

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    That looks like a great idea! Would be awesome to have that as an option with cars.

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    Thanks for the (positive) responses. I am glad that I could post something that may be useful for people in the fuuture. Like anchientgimp mentioned, Yes I tried to get this done through 3 different get this done through 3 different mobility dealers and they said that they: A: Could not do it or B: would not do it. I had to find a custom fab shop to do it. Think, places that do crazy mods on cars like lambo door conversions or jack up an old Buick and put 26 inch rims on them.... places like that. Depending on where you live, you mat have to search far and wide, and or ask around a lot and make a lot of phone calls. A good collision bodyman should be able to it. Thats who ended up doing mine, who happened to have a small after hours shop. As for putting a rigid chair in this type of conversion, it would help if the door opened a full 90 degrees. Which is certainly possible. As I said before their are bolt on kits for certain cars like the first gen 300M which require a lot less fabrication than had to be done on my Camry. I will post a video and more pics during the week sometime.
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