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Thread: I am super proud of myself! :)

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    I am super proud of myself! :)

    The second automatic window motor went out in my fiances Jeep the other day. She only had 1 working front window for the past couple years. As she only works a few miles away she just dealt with it. As the Florida Summer is coming I realized something needed to be done. After calling around and finding the cheapest price to replace the motor was 300 bucks per window. I said screw that and started doing some investigating. I found 3 or 4 youtube videos of how to replace and said to myself, "I CAN do this" I ordered both window motors online from advanced auto parts with store pickup. I used a 40% off code and got them both for just under 100 bucks. The first window took me about 4 friggin hours and I almost killed someone. lol. But, the second one only took me about 90 minutes. I did them both completely by myself and they work good as new again. My girl is very very happy to be able to put down her windows and I am very proud of myself. Nothing like feeling of doing something for someone you love..... and saving 500 dollars
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Wtg !

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    It all helps.. The four hour one is hard but makes you focus. I love you tube for repairs to things.
    Good work!!!

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    That jus kicks ass! Congrats on getting it done....nothing more satisfying than getting a problem fixed on your own.

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