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Thread: Does anyone know (nurse) if those vibrating car seat covers help with circulation

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    Does anyone know (nurse) if those vibrating car seat covers help with circulation

    I will be taking a long drive in a couple months and I was thinking of buying one of those strap on "massage" (vibrating) car seat covers (seat and back) to help with back pain. I was wondering if the vibration helps with circulation or makes it worse. To help with not getting a pressure sore. Of course I will also be doing pressure releases, taking rests, and splitting the trip up into two days. Thanks in advance!
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    I would not do anything of the sort. The micro trauma of the vibrations could damage the delicate epidermal tissues and the bonds between it and the lower dermal layers.

    I remember a few years back when some really stupid people with SCI used the heated car for lengthy rides, not that any length would've been sufficient, wound up with serious second-degree Burns right on the most vulnerable part of their ischium and requiring months of healing.

    If anything I would sit on a Roho low-profile and even then fully leaning side to side every 45 minutes or so.

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    I use a simple 2" memory foam seat cushion for long car rides.

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    I understand what you are saying craigs. I just want to be clear about what i am saying. Which I think you do understand and have given me the correct answer. I plan on using one of my spare wheelchair cushions to sit on. And I plan On doing plenty of weight shifts and pressure releases. I have made this trip a few times before. I am a t-10 complete about 11 years post, Luckily, I have never gotten a pressure sore, due to doing as many things as possible not to, regardless of driving or just day to day living. I am just curious if having a vibrating seat cover (non heated) and perhaps set on low, under my cushion would help with circulation or not. Thanks for the info though, as it seems like it would not help. I am hoping that a nurse chimes in here just to verify that your info is correct. Thanks again
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    If you put it under the cushion, I highly doubt it would do anything. Just do weight shifts like normal if ur sitting on a cushion.

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    Honestly check out the Roho LTV car seat cushion. I have an Airhawk truck seat cushion that is just plain amazing that I got for about $100, but I don't see those for sale anymore. Anyone worried about pressure sores while sitting uses Roho cushions. Plus, this air cushion will absorb a lot of the bumps you would normally feel while driving, making the ride much more comfortable. Just be sure to adjust the pressure correctly and not have it overinflated!

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    I drove to Wendell, NC back in 2014, from Chicago. I sat on a Roho Low Profile I borrowed from a friend. Drove straight thru also. I was able to put my right elbow on the middle counsel and left forearm on arm rest of door. Lifted myself up slightly while driving and held it for 2 minutes. I did that every 1/2 hour and after about 4 hours would find a place to stop and get in my chair and just do numerous pressure reliefs, getting completely off cushion, for several minutes.
    I had no issues. I too, am T-10 complete. Yes, have terrible back pain, but I just tuned it out while driving. Ha!

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    Thanks guys for the replies. Gonna use a low profile cushion for sure. I know I have a roho around here somewhere. It needs to get patched, but I have 2 months to find it..... which will probably pass by quicker than I think. Better start looking for it Never really liked the roho much. Because you have to keep it properly inflated. "Aint nobody got time for that" lol. I just use one of those honeycomb type. I am not one to sit on my ass all day though. I bought a cheap clicker and hung it around my neck to see how many times I actually transfer everyday. It ranged between 75 and 100... which seems crazy to me. I guess that I am just active... or maybe that's normal. I dunno (shoulder shrug)
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Any surface that has the potential of shearing your skin is not a good option - especially if you are sitting on it and don't have accurate sensation to know if you are damaging your skin and the tissue and bones beneath it.


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