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Thread: Are quads more prone to hairloss?

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    Are quads more prone to hairloss?

    If you look at Christopher Reeves before he was injured, he had a great full head of hair,but by the time he died he was completely bald on the top of his scalp! I'm just wondering if people like myself or worse are more susceptible to male pattern baldness, because of the lack of movement and circulation, also a lack of fat absorption and utilization in the body, and maybe we don't absorb nutrients as well; let alone spread them across the body; to the hair in this case?
    With all that in mind do you think foods that are known to help with circulation, can still benefit someone that is non ambulatory high quadriplegic with their circulation? Things like Cayanne pepper, ginger, gotu kola etc...

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    If I'm not mistaken, it had something to do with the medications he took. I may be wrong, but I could swear I heard that or read it somewhere.
    I don't think hair loss is part of the crippy genes. Again, I could be wrong.
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    I have seen no studies on this, nor have I observed men with SCI being more prone to baldness than they would be without their SCI. As above, I know that CR attributed his baldness to some of the medications he was taking (some experimental) related to his paralysis.


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    Wow really that's very interesting, I wonder what he got himself into!? But SCI nurse do you think that a stationary quadriplegics can still benefit from foods that are supposed to increase and help circulation overall?
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    If you're talking about the stress, anxiety and frustration from a spinal cord injury that causes you to pull out your hair, then definitely quadriplegics will go balled more quickly.

    Other than maybe laying in bed too long and lose it by rubbing the back of your head on the pillows too much, there is no medical correlation between the two.

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    I waswondering about circulation and nutrient supply up there

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    Hair loss can be attributed to many causes. Have you had lab work completed lately? How is your nutrition? Albumin levels are indicated of protein stores in your liver. Additionally, cancers, medications, thyroid conditions and use of steroids can also cause hair loss. And of course genetics play a big role in natural hair loss.


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    As I recall, genetics for hair loss are passed through the mother so your maternal grandfather is the best indicator for a hereditary cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    As I recall, genetics for hair loss are passed through the mother so your maternal grandfather is the best indicator for a hereditary cause.
    I've heard that also but I have doubts that it is factual. My mother's father passed away in his eighties with a full head of hear, her brothers, now in their late sixties have full heads of hair. Every male on my father's side started balding at a young age. My hair color might be attributed to my mother's genetics but not the hair loss.

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