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Thread: X-Core 3 Spoke Wheels

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    X-Core 3 Spoke Wheels

    Anybody try or own a pair of X-Core 3 spoke wheelchair wheels? They look pretty cool..... despite the fact they are carbon fiber wheels I hear they add 4.6lbs. per wheel onto the total weight of your chair. Priced at $430 compared to Spinergy at $625, worth checking out?


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    I have a set, and they definitely are heavier. Another thing is that the hand rim is closer to the tire so it makes it more difficult for me to propel with my lack of grip. It's easier for me to push with my regular spokes wheels than these. YMMV

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    Ya, I have a pair too, like was said push rim closer to wheel, not very comfortable and they are noticeably more heavy than the spinergy wheels, I'd recommend the spinergy wheels with a natural fit push rim. I will admit the X core wheels look cool.
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    I have only used the X-core 3 spoke wheel since being in the chair (5.5 yrs) and I love them. One of my favorite features is that they do not go out of true. You never have to retighten spokes or worry about the wheels becoming wobbly. I had my first set for 4.5 years and they were as sturdy as the day I bought them. I went through 4 sets of tires on the same rims without issue. They are heavier than Spinergy, so if you that is a big concern to you, then you may want to avoid them. I have a strong upper body, so I do not notice the difference when I tried other wheels (though in fairness I never tried lighter wheels on a long push). Another great feature you can get with the X-core that you cannot with spoked wheels is the ability to reach through the wheel and pick things up. I know Spinergy have some with only a few spokes that would solve that, but I am amazed at the amount of times I reach through the rim to pick something up under my chair. I also find the X-core really nice when I have to tear apart my chair to put in the car. They are easy to get ahold of and I can apply a lot of force to the hub without having to worry about the structure of the wheel. As far as the concern about the push rim separation, I tend to us the wheel as well as the push rim, so I appreciate that they are close. I hope you find this helpful and feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    Spinergy wheels are $625 now?!?! Sheesh. Glad I bought all mine when they were ~$400. I have a total of 4 sets, the oldest bought ~8 years ago, still used daily, that I've never had to true, tighten, or replace any spokes.
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