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Thread: Regenerating nerves from pressure ulcer?

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    Regenerating nerves from pressure ulcer?

    So I had that pressure ulcer under my ichial bone on my left buttocks that has been healed for about two and a half months. I started having sharp nerve pains in my leg when that area was touched but as my wound healed so did the nerve pain. Well about two weeks after my wound healed the sharp stabbing nerve pain in my left leg came back. The pain was on and off until it was chronically on and now I have chronic nerve pain that shoots down my left leg whenever I am sitting or when my leg lays flat down in bed and I still don't have any sign of a wound. I am a C5 motor and C4 sensory complete quadriplegic who has had nerve pain in my arms for years. My spinal cord doctor says it is very unusual for a complete quadriplegic to have sensory issues so far below the level of injury as I am having now because the nerve pain in my leg is stemming from pressure being applied to that area below the ichial where I cannot feel anything. It is the type of pain people describe that involves their sciatica. Is it possible to have nerve regeneration 13 years out post-injury?
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    Is it common for someone to have newly nerve pain sensation in an area where a pressure wound has healed over?
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    WELL, a lot of SCI person have pain all kinds of placed below the level of injury -neuropathic pain- but it is not usually so attributable to a specific incident/cause. I would discuss with physician about wound and make sure their is no underlying pathology such as osteomyelitis or something and if nothing then it is neuropathic pain caused from healing pressure wound or not actually caused by- caused by SCI but exacerbating it. And treatment would be like all neuropathic pain- we start on Gabapentin(Neurontin) and increase slowly upward. Applying a lidocaine patch to area might help also.

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