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Thread: Implant lets paralysed man 'play guitar'

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    Implant lets paralysed man 'play guitar'

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    Wow. Cyborg works for me.

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    see, I am in a different boat. I get automatically turned off when I see achievements in quotes:

    Nose cell procedure enables patient to "walk"

    Brain implant enables patient to "play guitar"

    I understand that this type of technology is Gonna get better in incriments but damn it's frustrating and I just needed to vent a little
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    The title should read "Implant Lets Paralyzed Man Barely Grasp Jar". So disingenuous to even mention "Play Guitar" in the title. Cyborg is our future, but long way to go.

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    Hey that's Guitar Hero

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    BBC is the worst of the offenders on this stuff... I see they're even beating their old story line about nose cells in the same article under New Era. GADS!

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    Here's the New York Times story with more detailed information:

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    On the bright side. . . it is giving him something to do. :-)
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    This looked like a major breakthrough on the news last night. Instead of using a nerve to reroute the signal from the brain, equipment did it. Granted, it's still in it's infancy but it is a novel approach to restoring function.
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    I think there was a method to make music using EEG helmet. Not the same as playing the actual instrument, though, and pretty difficult to master, I hear.

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