Thanks again for all the responses! We have several portable ramps, but no one wants to host anything. They claim that since our house is already accessible, why can't we just do it here? For family members who only have a couple of steps, helping him in is problematic because I have had chronic hip problems and now cannot lift anything heavy without the risk of dislocating the implant, and family members do not wish to help because if we "just got together at your house", there would be no problem. I have no problem hosting holidays, but I wish we could meet out somewhere maybe once a year. It would be nice to have my kids see everyone in a different location than just their house. I just don't understand their attitude. I would move heaven and earth to make my family and friends feel comfortable and welcome in my home, and I'm so fortunate that they would do the same for me and my family. Perhaps it is unreasonable to wish they would at least store a ramp for the occasional visit, but even that seems like we are asking for too much. I don't expect them to host any holidays, I just don't understand their anger when we can't do it for whatever reason. They act like we are deliberately ruining the holiday, when for this past year my physical ability to host almost 40 people was just not there. I've been told, and I understand that my mother and father in law are getting older (mid eighties), but I just could not do it on crutches this year, I wish I could have or there would not be this anger and resentment on their part towards me and my husband. I guess maybe a get together over the summer might smooth things over, but I feel bad that they think I just cancelled on a whim, which was NOT the case at all!