SCI Nurse, Very respectfully; If you notice. there are exceptions for every State and local provision. Some States provide for considerable financial support for private homes with preconstruction approved HP provisions (visitable). It is a far more sticky situation when a private individual is "forced" to pre-plan their structural provisions.

Quote; "There is no way HP accessibility can be a required undesired design for a private home. However, multiple occupancy rental units can be required to have such design requirements".

I as a Codes Enforcement Officer would not discourage a builder from providing these amenities, far from it. I firmly believe such provisions enhance resale value for such homes. Financing of such "New Construction" is another sticky provision in law, My only point is using "FORCE" of law to make individuals construct their homes to be HP friendly IS at a a minimum, questionable, and would be found to be an unconstitutional provision if it were court challenged. As a CEO I would be extremely hesitant to try to enforce such a provision, while doing a CEO construction plan review as a part of the Permitting process. However, as a CEO and a HP person(now & then) I would/did heartedly encourage following those provisions.

During the construction of most homes the most (to me) visible challenge is; the initial entrance to in some places from a sidewalk, where a step-up due to grade leveling, or to the front step(s) of the home. Mostly some minor changes to the landscaping scheme can make this a non-issue. During a plan review, I would send the plans back to the Architect or Engineer with these suggested changes, with a full explanation of why "I" sent them back. If I "knew" this was a project financed with PUBLIC funding and speculative built I would send such information to the Agency involved, "I" would never outright reject it on my own council and authority.

Towns and Cities are famous for making unconstitutional provisions. A blinded CEO could get themselves in a lot of personal difficulty enforcing unconstitutional Ordinances and statutes. It's a scary proposition.