I'm a 45 year old T3 12 years post injury. My bowle program has been getting worse for the past 6 months or so, (getting constipated). The doctors have me taking Psyllium powder daily which I've been doing for about a month. As long as I drink enough water things go pretty smooth, I think my body still needs to get used to it. Along with the "tree bark drink" every morning he urged me to start eating healthier.

I live alone, hate cooking, and usually order out. I know a high fiber diet is the way to go, but I'm having no luck finding fast easy meals I can make myself.

I'm positive that getting older along with not eating well are catching up with me. I have never been big on breakfast. If I eat anything it's yogurt and a banana, along with a coffee or tea. Lunch is typically a ham sandwich and bowl of chunky soup. Dinner is usually a pizza or TV dinner.

Anyone have some ideas for easy meals or cookbooks for one?