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Thread: Bladder botox?

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    Bladder botox?

    Do botox injections only work for those who do intermittent cathing? What about in-dwelling? There's a local study, but they won't even take anyone with an in-dwelling catheter.

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    I use a suprapubic catheter and had Botox done, the urologists that I always used at that time nicked something in my urethra that caused me to bleed A LOT! The shots did help for about eight months that I have not gotten it since then
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    Generally speaking, Botox is used in people who use IC to manage their bladder. It does not usually do much for those with I dwelling catheters, particularly if you have had it for a long time.

    if it is a study, the researchers probably don't want to mix different types of bladder management into this population.
    You might want to contact them and see what the reason is.

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    I have a SP and botox has worked wonders for me, along with a daily dose of oxybutnin. If I just use one or the other I get terrible leakage.

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