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Thread: How do I get my IP address unbanned

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    How do I get my IP address unbanned

    I've already "contacted administrator" several times to no avail.

    I guess I was banned about 1 to 2 weeks ago while I was on vacation, and now I can only get here on my phone.

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    Send a PM to Jim. He is the only one who can unban an IP address. Someone else most have registered or posted spam from your address. Who else has access?


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    Your IP was banned by the Spam-O-Matic software that monitors spam and spammers on the website. We don't have access to their banned IP list and we can't just turn it off because the website will be crushed with spam. Until we can get you off their list you can log on using a proxy server-

    This has happened to several people recently, we are working on it. Sorry for the hassle.

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    Well, that's annoying. I got that proxysite thing to work, though.I guess I'll just have to chill out for a while until I move in June and get a new IP address.

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    Same thing happened to me last week. Using a proxy to log in.

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