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Thread: 3 wheel scooter, pretty cool!

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    3 wheel scooter, pretty cool!

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    Yes! Mighty cool. Electric? I wonder how it would do on hilly grass.
    Can't believe I'm the first to reply. How can I find information on this thing?

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    I doubt it is available in the USA. Made in Europe (the Netherlands). Here is the website:


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    email sent

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    Here is the real deal, *street legal*, not restricted to the bike lane from what this says:
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    The BMW Ride Away sells here in GA and hs been available for several years

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    That is very cool, thanks for sharing it.

    My solution won't work for everyone but if you can get around well in a manual chair then the odds are that this could change your life.

    Here's a video of me headed to the bathroom at a park, cruising the bike path and turning off into the field at 20 mph, up a steep hill and through the bathroom door without even slowing down.

    That bathroom is inaccessible in anything but the most capable power chair, or a serious athlete in a manual chair.
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