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Thread: CBD oil for nerve pain?

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    Thanks man. Would love to try some different combos. Unfortunately, the necessary THC is just a political football in Missouri. Can't wait until they just legalize the stuff.

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    I'm curious if all you folks have your urine tested if you are being treated with narcotics-and if so what is the policy if you test positive for THC or CBD's.

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    I have lower back pain, well below my C7 injury, that has not responded to 18 drugs and procedures. I'm constantly uncomfortable, but compared to the pain that many of you live with, I've got nothing to whine about.

    A friend from Colorado brought me some CBD candies (looked like gummy bears) that were reportedly high in CBD and with only a trace of THC. I tried one two days ago and two yesterday, noticing no effect either day. With that sketchy description, did I waste the trial on a too-low dosage or does that indicate that CBD is likely not the relief I'm looking for?

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    I was contemplating trying CBD oil from CW. I've been on the fence for at least 6 months debating it. I had my medical card back in 2011/2012. I gave it a shot for a year. The mmj really threw my nerve pain over the edge. All the hypersensitive spots were unbearable smoking it. I found some relief from ingestion via medibles, capsules or tincture, but not enough relief for me to continue my experiment.

    I tried kratom and that just wired me, even at a high dosage. I did notice slightly less pain. Pain medication also wires me (I'm odd, what can I say?)

    If I were to experiment with CBD oil which seems like the better bet, vaping or ingestion? And do you have any recommendations for vaping? I know CW is supposed to have good quality for ingestible oil, is the oil the same for vaping and consumption?
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