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Thread: TiLite TR3 vs ZR - Comparing my old and new chair w/ pics

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    TiLite TR3 vs ZR - Comparing my old and new chair w/ pics

    I took delivery of my TR3 back in February of 2013 which was my first TiLite chair and I was hooked on their high quality from day one. The TR3 has been 100% flawless and I have enjoyed it very much. My insurance provider allows me to order a new chair every three years so this time I decided to try their ZR chair due to the mono tube design. There is/was nothing wrong with my TR3 chair but I always take the chance of getting my new chairs when possible. I have to say that my new ZR chair is just as awesome as the TR3 if not better. I love the way it looks and the optional carbon blade wheels from Spinergy add an extra dose of awesome to the chair's looks. Not to mention the wheels are insanely light weight. I also went with the Jay Carbon Back and I also think it's a great product.

    Here's some pics between the two chairs:
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    Nice pics. Thanks

    I'm going the other way -- retiring my AeroZ1 to backup, and switching to TR3. My new chair's frame is white, too.
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    I have both a TR3 & a ZR myself. The ZR was first though. I like and use most of the time my ZR. I haven't used the TR3 for over a year!
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    Hi, I'm also ordering TiLite these days, and thinking to order ZR, I had two TRs by now.
    How is ZR in comparison on rolling efficiency and dampening with TR3?

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