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Thread: New urinal design.

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    New urinal design.

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to share a new type of urinal. The shape is designed for men in a seated position. Its target market is: men who are able to void however, have difficulty with setup and emptying the container after. How it works: The urinal is stored on a hook. When need, removed from the hook and positioned. The urinal is attached to the toilet via a hose. This allows the urinal to be emptied without risk of mess.

    It is patent pending. Not yet on the market. Just looking for feedback. I 3d printed some. Works very well for me. More to come.

    Thank you.
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    Nice idea, what about a hands free design.

    Possibly an appropriately sized balanced swing arm mount.

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    Thanks, I'll work on that.

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    Hi everyone, Here's more pictures.
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    Having trouble deciding my next move...

    I find the Daily Urinal to be absolutely necessary to my survival. I have had no luck finding a licensing partner. Should I try going it alone? It would be a big risk. Please, let me know by taking the poll.

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    I'm in the process of putting together a company make and sell various gadgets to assist disabled people. The idea is useful devices for niche markets at reasonable costs. My first items are a dips bar for paras in long sit position and a seat pan with articulating legs to provide range of motion while seated. If you're interested let me know.

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    Sounds great! Thanks.

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    I am an c /4/5 incomplete i wear a condom catheter/legbag. this would work excellent while at home.
    My problem would be with limited function what would i have to wear for easy access to my " unit " ?
    Oh and i voted yes

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