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Thread: Pressure ulcer / nerve pain

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    Pressure ulcer / nerve pain

    I have a pressure ulcer that has been closed up for about 2 months now. The pressure ulcer was on my bottom where I would sit on my butt bone. A little after it first started I started having nerve issues. I would have nerve pain shoot down my left leg whatever the area was touched or there was pressure. Once the pressure ulcer started healing my nerve pain slowly faded. The nerve pain stopped altogether after my pressure ulcer was healed for a couple of weeks and then I started feeling the nerve pain again shooting down my leg into my feet. I thought the pressure ulcer might be coming back but it has not come back and my skin looks better today then it has since it started healing. It is getting worse and when that area is rubbed it sends painful nerve signals down my leg and it makes the nerve pain in my arms worse. Right now I am sitting on a donut on top of my air cushion because sitting down on that area is getting very painful. As a quadriplegic who sits in a wheelchair day in and Day Out this is concerning me. I have to now prop my leg up on a pillow in bed because laying it flat sends throbbing nerve pain down my leg into my feet. I only had nerve pain in my arms before this pressure ulcer. I don't understand how it has gone away and looks good but my nerve pain in that area is getting worse. I am calling my spinal cord doctor. I am already almost at the maximum dose of Neurontin for my nerve pain in my arms. I'm desperate for any advice, suggestions, or encouragement. I used to get relief from sitting on my air cushion and nowhere else but now it is getting really bad. I am praying this is not a trend but my nerve pain will go back down.
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    Do you have anything else going on? UTI? Bowel Program issues? Jeans too tight?

    I strongly encourage you not to sit on a donut. I am sure it is helping your pain, but it could be setting you up for another pressure ulcer. Please don't use it.


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    No I don't think anything else is going on. I don't have symptoms of a UTI and my bowel program is doing just fine. I have been told by more than one person not to use the donut but I just used it that one day when it was getting really bad. I can't sit down without getting shooting nerve pain down my leg and expecially when that area is touched on my left buttocks. My bottom looks fine. Is there anything under the skin that could cause an issue without it being visable?
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