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Thread: HELP me to choose a good cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russianboss View Post
    Works, cheapest option to try first

    Roho Mosaic
    I had a Roho cushion in 2010 that was much more comfortable than my previous one, but transferring in and out of the chair became so difficult that I had to stop using it. Low profile is the way to go, but those are a bit pricey.

    The cushion you linked has, from the Roho website, a maximum weight limit of 250lbs, weighs 2.7lbs, is 3in tall, and is intended for those with partial or full sensation and fair to good seated balance.

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    seat chusion

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    Hello everyone. I have spinal cord injury, im c5. I have a a little trunk stability and have a bonny ass. Im looking for a good cushion that fits well and help my position. I was looking for and making some research and i found the ROHO HYBRID ELITE the SUPRACOR STIMULATE CONTOURED OR THE CALSSIC. if do you know another brand or another cushion let me know. I will appreciate the information.

    I am a c5-6 quad and have had multiple flap surgies due to heterotopic ossification. I have an Aquella air pluse and have had no trouble with it I've healed a few minor wounds with no bed rest
    they are very customer friendly and seem to know the needs and requirments for the product

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    Anybody using the roho with smart check?
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