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Thread: HELP me to choose a good cushion.

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    HELP me to choose a good cushion.

    Hello everyone. I have spinal cord injury, im c5. I have a a little trunk stability and have a bonny ass. Im looking for a good cushion that fits well and help my position. I was looking for and making some research and i found the ROHO HYBRID ELITE the SUPRACOR STIMULATE CONTOURED OR THE CALSSIC. if do you know another brand or another cushion let me know. I will appreciate the information.


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    Also look at Comfort Company's VicAir or VicAir-X cushions.
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    If you go with the Supracor, I recommend the extra padding they have in the XS version (which is what I use). But I don't know if even that is appropriate for your situation.

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    I really like the Supracor Stimulite Contour XS. Works great for me, but cushions are such personal things I'd hesitate to take anonymous advice off the internet. Go see a seating specialist and try out a bunch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    I really like the Supracor Stimulite Contour XS. Works great for me, but cushions are such personal things I'd hesitate to take anonymous advice off the internet. Go see a seating specialist and try out a bunch!
    I think that is also ideal, but since the OP lives in Cancun, Mexico, I suspect they have very limited, if any, access to a seating specialist unless they can afford to fly to the USA for care.

    The OP should also understand that a Roho is a pretty high maintenance type of cushion. You must be meticulous in checking the inflation at least daily, and know how to trouble shoot when it is not right. Holes can occur from environmental hazards (a pet cat, sharp objects in your workplace, home or school, etc.).

    Regardless of the type of cushion you use, you also need to be religious in doing your wheelchair weight shifts at least every 15 minutes, as well.


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    im a supracor guy. i do recommend the XS versions, less breakin and softer. rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Also look at Comfort Company's VicAir or VicAir-X cushions.

    I have both the Stimulite Contour XS and the Vicair VectorX. The Contour, while having a softer top layer, is still pretty hard for a bony butt. I was getting hot spots. It also wasn't contoured enough for me, who was used to a Jay Deep Contour. The VectorX is far more comfortable and can easily be customized to meet your exact needs. The only downside of the VectorX is that since it isn't rigid foam, it can be harder to transfer onto it. You can't just slide onto it, but have to elevate to get your butt over it before the transfer, or use a sliding board.

    Oh, and I also had the Roho Hybrid, and hated having to keep adding air. Plus, I got a sore using it from the pressure near the scrotum by the hard foam portion. My instability meant I would slide forward until the scrotum area was pushing forward against the foam. The air bag can't really prevent this, because the air just shifts to the back of the bag.
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    Works, cheapest option to try first

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    I'm very bony too, and got a pressure sore a few years ago from a roho cushion that I let get too low (my fault). I use the new Java cushion from Ride Designs and really like it. They spent 4 years on R&D before releasing this cushion. There are even MRI scans in the link below. My pressure sore was on my left butt bone, and now both my butt bones float in this cushion with literally zero pressure. The only thing I have to be aware of is my hips because that's where some of the weight gets re-dispersed to. But i haven't had any issues. It's very light and also flexible enough to conform to my ergo chair frame with a solid pan. It doesn't show in the brocure below but they can do custom sizes too, I have a 15x19.

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    for me its roho all the way.I have tried them all I'm in a power chair c3-4

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