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Thread: Need Ideas for a Portable Wheelchair Walkway for Travel

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    Need Ideas for a Portable Wheelchair Walkway for Travel

    My husband uses a 400-pound power chair (C500 and Quantum 6000). We love to travel and have purchased a product called Beachrings by Invisible Structures so that he can get onto the sand at the beach. The problem is that the stationary bolt in his chair drags on these "mats" to the point that they are virtually useless.

    We are trying to find an alternative solution so that he can enjoy getting at least onto the sand and hopefully under an umbrella. We have seen "roll-up" walkways at various resorts and have even researched purchasing these for our own use. The problem is that to purchase a 3' wide by 6' long stretch weighs 59 pounds. If we were to purchase three of these, the cost would be $500 and the weight is prohibitive for us to try to transport these through an airport and to a beach.

    Any suggestions as to an alternative method and/or material that would not weigh as much as the treated wood products we have found?

    The other option would be to make the darn bolt retractable, but we have no luck with this either.


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    they rent wheelchair beachchairs in al ms fl that aremotorized

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    You might also want to see if the EZ lock bolt on the chair can be removed easily, or mounted higher. This usually just requires that the van mount for the EZ lock be long as you can get clearance under the chair to get it into the right position to match the bolt.

    Also suggest you look for resorts that already provide either beach wheelchairs or beach mats. There are a lot out there, and they deserve your business.


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