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Thread: Need Schematic for 2011 C500 - Stuck in Turtle Mode

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    Need Schematic for 2011 C500 - Stuck in Turtle Mode

    We are trying to find the schematic and/or a technician to work on a modified 2011 C500. The chair has been modified to allow the seat to rotate 180-degrees by hand-ratcheting around in order to allow my husband to drive his 4WD SVM Conversion. The problem is that the chair is stuck in turtle mode and as such NONE of the seat controls will operate. Without being able to elevate the seat to the highest level, it is impossible to ratchet-rotate the seat around in order to drive the truck.

    The only "schematic" we've been able to find - and even the technician who has worked on the chair - is the very basic one that can be found most anywhere with the manual.

    We've put a lot of money into having this chair modified but it is now virtually useless for our purposes because of being stuck in turtle mode. We think the best option would be to permanently eliminate turtle mode.

    We are near Pittsburgh, PA if anyone has any suggestions - even for a technician willing to tackle a challenge!

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    I have a permobil M300 with an Rnet control and 3G seating. When in turtle mode all the seat functions continue to work. Turtle mode only affects the speed. The only way to get out of turtle mode is to lower the seat. When there is a system problem an error message is usually displayed on the control display. My guess is that the wiring for the seat has become unplugged or broken. That would explain why none of the seat functions work as they should. Contact Permobil support tomorrow to find out where you can find help in the Pittsburgh area. Good luck. Their number is: 800.736.0925
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Thanks for the insight. We have had one of the best technicians look at this chair and he cannot figure it out. There is no error message, but we assume something is unplugged or broken also, which is why we are looking for a complete schematic. So far, no one has been able to figure this out. Thanks.

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    I have a Permobile and once had it go into "flashing lights" with no movement possible. Got out the manual and after going through the whole thing found there was a lever behind the footrest that I must have bumped while transferring. Re-set it and all was well. Sorry but I can't remember what that lever was intended for, maybe some kind of lock out, but it was in the owner's manual. Might be interesting to check that out just in case it was overlooked. Could not tell where/what it was by looking at the area!

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    I have 2 c500 standers. One old one I used to modify for off road chair other is daily chair. I found this problem a few years ago on the older chair (2010ish). What I ended up discovering is a crush sensor under the seat pan, that hinges in front and opens when you stand. When this is depressed it doesn't let the elevator work and puts chair in turtle. If remember correctly you can reach in from back of chair w your hand between seat pan and black plastic cover. If you push down and don't hear switch click it may be depressed. If you can't use stand to access, You can try taking seat pan apart w allen wrenches. There is also a crush sensor switch on side of telescoping seat lift that could be triggered. You can manually elevate and lower seat height with seat pan open look down center and w a long allen wrench (came w chair?) you can slowly raise or lower.

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