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Thread: Need Help, guidance, advice, editing when trying to find a 'caregiver'..

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    You asked our advice from our experiences and we gave it. Do with it what you want (or don't).


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    And as I stated I don't understand it. And that is why I asked for an example is that really too much?

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    ...and we gave it.


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    Cris, a few of my friends and I have used effectively. You need to spend some time poking around their website to understand how to use it most effectively. For your job description refer to the position as a personal care assistant, which is what you are looking for. Then indicate that you are paralyzed from a spinal cord injury and need someone to help you get dressed and out of bed if the morning. List the critical aspects of the job such as hours, days, pay, and location. Also indicate you will provide any necessary training. Don?t waste your time writing a lengthy description. People seldom read or pay attention to them. One of my friends has a very reliable PCA who has been with him for more than 5 years and is now up to the point that she is doing his bowel program (suppositories). Her only work experience was as a flower arranger and having taken care of her father who died of cancer. All of us have trained our PCAs. Even those who are CNAs need some retraining.

    Putting up the job description is only a limited part of recruiting on Users have access to the lists of people seeking jobs and can do searches using a number of factors like distance from you, training, whether they have transportation, and seeking part time work. . When you get the results of your searches you can review the detailed information about them and pick out the one?s that are of interest. Then you can contact them by email to see if they might be interested. By doing that you can sort through lists of people listed in the special needs, homecare individual, and senior care threads. We have found this to be more useful than the position announcement.

    The people we are using for this kind of part time help are often CNAs and others who are looking to supplement their limited income from a low paying full time job or pension, and who live nearby.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you all for the discussion and have concluded that I can still do it myself. If I can do my bowels by myself then I can put on my own dam pants.

    Think it is all around better for me to keep getting dressed by myself and when I no longer can do it will reconsider this.

    Thank you again for playing "devil's advocate" and making me realize that I still don't need the help.

    When the time comes it will all be in finding the right person because anybody can do the job.

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