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Thread: Ketamine Kitty speaking about Pain this Sunday April 3 streaming!

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    Ketamine Kitty speaking about Pain this Sunday April 3 streaming!

    US PainFoundation Event This Sunday

    Hi all. My business partner, Val Foster, and I will bea presenting at this event.We?ll review Pain andtalk about In
    sight Mindfulness Meditation, what it is, why it works (hardscience) and how it has helped me.
    Mostwho read t
    his know how dark my life had become because of pain and now see thechanges in me.
    This will show how,
    and,you get to see the ketamine kitty!

    I alsorecommend you take a look at their site and join, no charge and a great group.

    Take Control of Your Pain
    Sun, April 3,10am ? 3pm
    Click the icons below to mark as optional.lendar cannot be shown.
    Renaissance Westchester Hotel
    Video call
    U.S. Pain Foundation
    Take Control of Your Pain is a patient education day. Guest speakers, vendors and local support groups will be in attendance to help empower those affected with Chronic Pain. Register to Attend or Watch via LiveStream!

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    This even was very successful. I had a horrific pain day, Thunder storms then snow and ....
    but I managed very well, my partner Val Foster took over a lot of the work that was to be shared.
    Approximately 125 people came to our presentation in person.
    Over 700 people logged in with emails and contact, unknown how many additional.

    Did anyone here log in?

    The event was video taped and will be posted. When up I'll post the link.



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    I watched it and was glad I did - very informative/helpful. You didn't look so bad, Ket. It wasn't obvious that a change of script was necessary. I think I remember someone saying that this type of mindfulness is most effective when done with someone else. Does your website offer guided content on some kind of media? I haven't had much luck on my own though I've had a lot of exposure to the practice.
    Again, I'm awed by your positive transformation. You are evidence that this stuff really works. Now if I could just get it to work on me!!
    Congratulations on your successful event.

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    I used the link above to the Live Streaming event to access the U. S. Pain Foundation website. The Foundation has a Resources page that has some interesting material.

    All the best,

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    Maybe I missed it.... I'm tired and need to go to sleep. However, would someone post a link to this video so i can watch it tomorrow. Thank you!
    o yea... and I am very glad and interested in something that seems to be giving you some relief
    Last edited by barondidit; 04-21-2016 at 02:34 AM. Reason: wanted to say I am happy that the K.K. has found something to give some relief
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    This is a link to the entire conference. Multiple speakers, Neurologists, Pharmacologists, a Marijuana Doc from NY. About 5 hours total.
    If you want to look at my segment it starts at
    1:07 and lasts about an hour

    kindly, ket
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    Oh wow, great for you that the ketamine has kept working! You may not remember me but I remember you and your frightening battle with pain. You were pretty dark back them and worrisome to others here, me included because of the bleak lifeless state you were in. In those days I empathized but couldn't identify with your pain. Since then, I had a major return in sensation throughout 50% of my entire body and 90% is not pleasant. Arms that never had nerve pain now do. Then add in aching and spasms in new areas. We can never understand another's pain level and tolerance but we can at least identify that it can take over your life. I'm so happy you have found some relief. At least that's what I'm hoping your presentation will reveal when I watch the link.

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    Boo. I couldn't open the video even after downloading livestream app.

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    PM me, I'll look into you're the first to have a problem -ket

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    I was only able to access the beginning of the video, but I liked what I saw. It lit a fire in me to get in touch with a local Buddhist friend who teaches meditation. We have been out of touch for nearly a year. It was good to reconnect. Thank you for the nudge.

    If you have tips and ideas to share that aren't through video, I hope to hear more. (I only have tablets and they are both slow. That coupled with the poor connection here makes viewing videos challenging.) Namaste.

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