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    T-12 Complete

    Hello! I was injured Jan 30th 2016 with a burst fracture to my T-12. I had a "slight" compression to my spinal cord which left me at an ASIA score of T-10 A complete. After leaving in patient, I was re-evaluated as ASIA A T-11 with partial preservation of T-12 and I also had some L5/S1 dermatomes in my right foot. I was in in patient for about 6 weeks. It has only been about two months since my injury, however, I'm curious if there are any lower level complete injuries that have seen any hopeful recovery?

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    There is no way to predict any type of recovery. My advice would be to work on anything that makes sense to you, exercise to keep your core strength, and do not base your actions on a complete recovery. The reality is that there is not much of a chance of regaining much function. There are a lot of adaptive devices out there, and you will be able to do many of the things you were able to do pre paralysis if you put your mind to it. Being crippled is not the terrible sentence of an incomplete life that it was 30 years ago.
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    Donno is right, chances are pretty low of any meaningful gain of function after a couple of months, if any recovery was going to happen it would have happened in the first couple of weeks, sorry for the bad news. The good news is at your level you can do a lot, I'm a T-4 and you'd have a lot more abdominal muscles than a lot of us. How old are you?
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    Ah thanks ya'll. I'm 18. Just wanted to share that I got my abductors and hip flexor working and a good bit of sensation back.

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    I understand that full recovery is very unlikely however I've seen some crazy things happen with people around me. So I'm not giving up the hope on full recovery, but I am reasonable enough to not allow this injury to set me back. I want to thank yall for the responses!

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    That's great news.

    I have seen folks get some function back months, and even years later. They often say most improvements are within the first 2 years after injury. So don't get discouraged. It is still early for you.

    The fact that you had some preserved sensation in your foot, was a good sign early on.

    Are you doing outpatient rehab now? Keep doing it as long as you can, and do the exercises that they tell you to do on your own. Are you near a decent hospital/rehab center that has expertise in SCI?

    Every day, work on those hips/abductors, and try to move other leg muscles too. Stare at your legs, concentrate, and try to move.

    How are your bowel and bladder doing?

    Push yourself to do as much as you can, work like crazy, get in a pool if they have it, ask about body weight assisted treadmill training.

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    I'm about to transition to out patient rehab. I'll be getting on a lokomat soon! I'm currently at shepherd spinal cord center. And yes, I'll continue to visualize and try to work my legs everyday. I'm currently doing IC for bladder and a dill program for bowel. (But I do know when I have to use the restroom for both). I haven't had any issues with them other than they don't work on command, haha. Thanks for the tip / encouragement every bit is useful!

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    You are at a fantastic place for rehab. This will help. Lokomat is a great tool for you now.

    And btw - you are no longer T12 complete. You are T12 incomplete.... and will likely improve from that.

    You've come a long way in a short time. Push to keep doing as much rehab as possible.

    Every month the therapists will need to set "goals" for you, and at the end of the month they will test you to see if you have met these goals. As you meet them, they will have a good argument for your health insurance to continue paying for more rehab. Insurance companies (and physical therapists) also love goals that have to do with function. So think of things that are hard for you to do at home, and they can be "goals" to work on in addition to strengthening/balance/ standing/walking etc.... So these can be unusual transfers, dressing goals, things related to balance that are hard to do, bathroom mobility etc... Just keep your own personal list, so when your therapist is having a harder time coming up with things to add to your goals, you can volunteer a few you'd like to work on.

    Also, ask if there are any "clinical trials" at Shepherd that would be good for you to get involved with. Now is the time to try anything/everything that can improve your chances of recovery. So if they have any recommendations about trials, really listen to them!

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    Hey ya'll! It's been over a year since I last posted and I haven't reached my two year mark yet but it's coming close! I'd like to give ya'll a bit of an update! Since then I've gained Hamstring, Glutes at a 1 while my adductors and hip flexors are now 3s. I am no longer and Asia A, now an Asia B (almost C!). I have sensation for almost my whole right leg, just missing the top part of my thigh and also some areas of the butt, but I do have anal sensation! If anyone's curious about anything else, please comment!

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    Well done. Keep at it. Beat the odds and show everyone what you got.
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