Have others experienced this? I travel quite a bit and find most lifts for the pools at hotels do not have batteries installed and when asked to get the lift working it's a big run around that generally ends up that the batteries are discharged from sitting around and the lift cannot be used for 8 hours. Other times the lifts are just broken and where never fixed, they just put them there so as to look that they were in compliance of the new regs that went into effect a few years ago.

Anyhow, anybody do any lawsuits over this issue? It is the law, I should be able to swim when I want at a hotel and not have to risk falling and breaking a hip or something getting in and out lowering myself from the wheelchair to the ground and bumping myself down the steps.

Sometimes they offer me a free nights stay as I think they are fearing litigation. I would have every right to take them to court and win as by not having the lift functional they are not in compliance. I've heard a lot of them will settle out of court for 4 or $5000.00. The big chains do sometimes let it go to court as they don't want to have too many people make a habit for easy money even though the hotel is breaking federal guidelines. I'm just debating how I should handle things with this issue in the future? I do like to swim and I do travel a lot. I am tired of at my age of having to bump myself down into the pool, use to do this more easy when I was in my twenties, but in my late 50's my body is not as flexible as it once was. One of these times it's gonna end badly with a bad fall. I notice after I ask about the lift and they can't get it working they generally send somebody down to watch me getting in and out of the pool as they get a little nervous. Generally this person will sit and read the paper or whatever and won't even ask to help.