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    Only, $16,995. you and me definitely have different opinions on how much $16,995 really is. Is a down payment on a house. I'm doubtful insurances will pay for this type of chair and most people don't have an extra $17,000 so I think it's going to be an uphill climb to reach a large demographic. To bad, it is a neat chair. Though it looks like transferring into the chair would be difficult for most quads, I'd have to see one in person to be sure.

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    [QUOTE=NW-Will;1795436]Just another segway chair... with a bunch of cosmetics ???
    Too right mate. It looks bloody good eh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    About a week left to take a chance on it: "...The First 95 $1000 USD..." It seems to good to be true.
    No, it is not

    Quote Originally Posted by QTiPi View Post
    Very impressed that he can say "I designed it for [this guy], and here he is happily using it". So many engineers with allegedly world-changing wheelchair-related products don't seem to be able to produce the client whose problem they were trying to solve. So many of them seem to have identified the 'problem' based on their own ignorance and prejudice, and then come up with a 'solution' that no one actually wants, so it's demonstrated in the videos by professional AB models or remarkably photogenic young Paralympian types with very low injuries.

    I was actually at the TASC Show-Off Day at the spinal unit in Auckland when they shot that footage of Charlotte and Jayden trying the Ogo. Kind regret not trying it myself now, but I was concerned that it might not understand my weight not being central because my spine is so warped and send me careening into panicked onlookers! Yeah, I'm chicken. Also, I reckon by the time I'm psychologically ready to use a powerchair I will actually need a powerchair with full head support, etc. Still, this looks damn cool, and as if they've put a LOT of thought into the minutiae of how it would actually be used by real people.
    Yes. I regret not trying it out that day too Qtipi. A brilliant piece of kit but out of my affordable range unfortunately.

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