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Thread: Terrible Nerve Pain Down My Arms....No Answers Yet

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    Terrible Nerve Pain Down My Arms....No Answers Yet

    So I have been experiencing really bad nerve pain down both my arms. First it started in the right arm, and then several years later started in the left. I have been dealing with the pain for at least 10 years now and have seen numerous doctors, but nobody can seem to figure out why. I have been a para (T-6 complete) for almost 20 years now, but the pain didn't start til well after. It is very similar to the sensations I "feel" in my legs. Just constant pins and needles and burning sensations. Had an MRI which showed narrowing in my cervical spine that was pinching my spine. It seemed like that just had to be the cause, so I of course elected to have surgery, but unfortunately it didn't do any good. Has anyone been experiencing pain like this at all? I am desperate to find the answer! I have tried several different meds to try to tolerate the pain (opiates, lyrica, neurontin), but the only thing that can even put a minor dent in the pain is the opiates. I would greatly appreciate anyone's feedback!



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    I feel you pain (pun intended). Mine started about 5 years ago, I have always had left shoulder/rotator cuff pain then this started in my right arm and particularly my right elbow. It is very painful feels like someone is stabbing me in the elbow joint with a hot knife then it shoots down the inside of my forearm to my wrist. I take a 12 hour aleve every morning and just put up with it all day till bedtime when I take an Arthritis strength Acetaminophen extended release 650mg tablet. Neither one seams to help much just cut the pain slightly but it still wakes me up and throbs all day. I have been on a prescription anti inflammatory in the past but it didn't work either and was hard on my stomach.

    For now I just live with it and when it's real bad I have found that rubbing the area vigorously on like the edge of a table helps for a moment. Sorry I don't have an answer for you and you went through a surgery with no relief but you are not alone.

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